Smart Government

Our JV partner, Crimsonlogic,is trusted partner to governments worldwide. For over 20 years, they had worked with governments across Asia, Middle East, North America, Latin America and Africa to find innovative and sustainable solutions.   Its expertise extends across trade facilitation, judiciary, tax, healthcare, and citizen-related domains. They have continued to set industry-standards by delivering world-first eGovernment solutions to optimise workflow, increase operational efficiencies, and improve decision-making. TradeNet, eJudiciary, e-stamping and Certificate Of Origin are some of their pioneering innovations are being used everyday by government agencies all over the world.


Our eCitizen solutions effectively address the diverse challenges faced by governments worldwide – economic development, facilitating trade and upholding law & justice – to benefit citizens, businesses and government agencies alike.

Trade Facilitation

Globalisation has led to the explosion of international trade, driving growth in many countries. Our trade facilitation solutions have been proven to boost countries’ competitiveness by lowering costs and increasing efficiency. We have successfully implemented National Single Window, Customs Management, Port Community and Free Trade Zone Systems in over 15 countries.


A transparent justice community is a major and core element in the success of every nation. At the local and international level, a country’s transparency is rated on how efficient justice is accessed and delivered to the people and businesses. Luxon Data’s eJudiciary solution is able to eradicate problems (i.e. from case management to delays in the delivery of judgment) that plagued traditional judiciaries.

Data Centre

The rise of eServices, eGovernment, eCommerce, cloud and mobile computing has led to the explosion of data. Against the backdrop of fast evolving market conditions and budgetary pressures, companies are increasingly turning to data centre outsourcing as a flexible alternative for data management.

With over 20 years of experience in managing both government and commercial mission critical systems, Luxon Data truly understands the importance and operation of data centres. Our cost effective data centre solutions are specially customised for both enterprises and government agencies.

Data Centre Hosting

  • Adheres to the Uptime Institute Data Centre Site Infrastructure Standard - Tier III specifications
  • Multiple independent distribution paths serving the computer equipment with zero disruption from unplanned activities
  • Choice of Open Racks, Private Vaults, Storage Cabinets and Staging Areas
  • Stringent security controls and audits
  • Engineers on 24x7 standby
  • Round-the-clock full-fledged call centre and helpdesk
  • Carrier neutral

Managed Services

  • Monitor network utilisation and availability
  • Monitor system utilisation
  • Monitor performance and availability
  • Monitor application availability

Facilities Management

  • Conduct regular maintenance checks for customers


  • Data centre design, build and operation (including network)
  • Independent review/audit of system, operations management and disaster recovery plans
  • ISMS audit preparation