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The number and complexity of medications on the market increases daily, making efficient identification technology a vital link in the supply chain, from controlling materials used in their manufacture to ensuring that hospital patients receive the correct prescription. It can also help to guard against counterfeit medication.

Overburdened staffs in busy hospitals face other challenges: keeping track of the whereabouts of hundreds of patients; matching medical records with the correct patient; controlling medical equipment inventories; even avoiding the risk of inappropriate surgery. Some patients may be confused, too sick to speak, or too young to talk - all of which make accurate patient record and asset identification a difficult task. But with our solutiones these vital elements of successful health care can be achieved.

Luxon Data's advanced identification technology brings pharmaceutical suppliers and hospitals the same end-to-end service provision that we offer to industry Luxon Data's tailor-made easy-to-use solutions comply with emerging global standards and simplify numerous health care activities from controlling raw materials to keeping track of medication stocks to efficient patient management.

With assurance that every ingredient, every medicine, every patient, every record, and every piece of medical equipment can be positively identified in seconds, the risk of human error is reduced and busy professionals can spend less time on administration and more time on developing new cures or on patient care.

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